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Simulation Modeling & Analysis
of Large Systems

Lone Star Biotechnologies (LSB) is integrating a unique methodological and proprietary suite of tools to model large-scale processes in a geospatial environment in real time. In general, our approach is to adapt proven solutions to similar - often much more complex - problems from unrelated fields.

The generality and applicability of the LSB approach can be shown by the range of problems to which it can be applied. For example, one area of research involves the use of computer networking methodologies and tools to analyze highway and roadway networks in order to optimize traffic flow. In this application, the relative magnitude of the problem is greatly in our favor: the volume of traffic on a computer network is at least 109 times greater than even the busiest roadway system. Furthermore, our approach allows a level of abstraction that is not computationally possible with more traditional models.

The LSB design usually incorporates adjustable parameters that the client can vary in real time in order to create "what-if" scenarios for the designated problem. For example, consider the use of the LSB StarSim Simulation Engine in assessing the effects of a Nuclear / Biological / Chemical (NBC) bioattack upon a designated geographic area. After appropriate data sources are accessed, the client - using time-series data from the field and the most advanced algorithms for fate and transport - can assess the status of the geographical area in real time, and can project the area of contamination into the future.

LSB is eager to discuss other applications of this approach to specific needs of client organizations. We are sensitive to the needs of our clients, and confidentiality is assured. See our Privacy Policy at left.

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