Lone Star Lone Star Biotechnologies
Lone Star Biotechnologies was organized to provide cutting-edge scientific and computational services to clients in government, industry, and academia.

To date, our services fall into these main categories:
  1. Computational Services
  2. We have provided high-reliability computer products and services to commercial firms, government agencies, and academic institutions.

  3. Scientific Visualization of Molecular Processes
  4. Data-driven animations provide excellent tool for scientific research and teaching situations. We have generated customized high-resolution, animations based upon experimental data and computational models for both researchers and for classroom teachers.

  5. Molecular Modeling / Design
  6. We have licensed proprietary Computational Molecular Models for use by research institutions. Our experience includes ab initio and semi-empirical models.

  7. Simulation, Modeling, and Analysis of Large-Scale Systems
  8. We offer tools to model systems on the order of geospatial problems. Our approach is to investigate viable solutions for similar or related problems in different, often unrelated fields, and then to apply these solutions in innovative ways.

  9. Transportation Analysis & Optimization
  10. Increasing traffic congestion inevitably imposes financial and environmental damage to cities and their populations. The recent increases in energy prices have made the public more mindful of these problems, and more eager to conserve fuel resources. LSB has adapted the tools and methodologies that are used in the analysis of data flow in computer networks to create real time methods for optimizing traffic controls.

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