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Computer Services

LSB principals have extensive training and experience in many different aspects of computing services. Among these are:
  • High Performance Distributed Parallel Computing
  • We have extensive training and experience in scalable distributions for distributed parallel computing architectures. Applications include state-of-the-art ab initio and semi-empirical molecular computations for quantum and quasi-classical models.

  • User Interfaces
  • We have created user-level interface tools for interacting with large complex programs on various computing platforms. As a simple example, one web-based tool allows students to submit writing assignments via email, and then provides for markup by the instructor and return to the student via email.

    More complex interfaces are based on common development tools such as GTK (Gnome ToolKit) and similar applications. One such tool is employed by our StarSim geospatial interface.

  • Comprehensive System Design
  • LSB principals created a complete operating system with an integrated advanced filesystem based on R3 customer specifications. The system supported a multiuser-shared application that required exceptional reliability and robustness under varying environmental and operating conditions. After also developing the application program under contract, we provided a turn-key product for the client. This system was installed at over 2200 commercial sites throughout the U.S.

  • Application Programming
  • We have authored many different types of application programs. One major class of projects includes compilers (table-driven and recursive descent), parsers, and other language processors.

  • System Administration
  • LSB principals have provided system administration for a wide range of systems, dating back to Unix v7 and including such products as IBM AIX, SGI IRIX, Linux, Solaris/SunOS, BSD, UNICOS/COS (CrayOS), and various personal computer systems.

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